Thursday, March 30, 2006

Michael Letts Woman Exhibit

Just not too long ago, fellow critic Jagd Kunst posted a searing indictment of Art Space's barely-veiled support for a sexual regime that's more musty than ya grandma's twat. But maybe even worse is that practised by gallery mufasa Michael Lett, who resides over k'rd's art hang-ons with a keenly discriminating queereye. shorty recalls one particular incident in which a certain female staple of the art scene (who shall remain nameless) approached Mister Lett in the hope of procuring a drop, only to be turned down under the impression that no alcohol remained; meanwhile, it was only minutes later that shorty himself approached the man, and looked on with horror as Mister Lett retired momentarily to his batcave of alcohol (complete with revolving doors), returning with two unopened bottles of wine and a grin as wide as a torn asshole. Of course, shorty does not overlook the advantages to be gained by the use of his unearthly good looks in a city that has gay men situated at most art/fashion locuses of power. But enough is enough! This crazy carnival of power-run-amok must come to an end! Which is why it is with great pleasure that shorty announces - for the first time he can remember, since entering this game - a woman exhibited at Michael Lett. Her name is Jacqueline Frazer, and shorty only assumes her art is really fantastic - to tell you, dear readers, the truth, he was simply so drunk on the sweet feminine grace (and free wine) that had wafted through the usually militant and uninviting gallery interior, that he sort of neglected to pay attention to the art. But why argue over the colour of horses when they're skeletons? This is war, and shorty is on the frontline, armed only with the power of speech and a raging hard-on for the truth.

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Blogger Jagd Kunst said...

Actually shorty, There has been one other female to exhibitit at 'the Lett'(cherous, but only to men). Her name is Ava Seymour, and her art is shit, like most of the stuff that Lett shows. But that was in 2004, when you were but a wee bairn. So you can be forgiven.

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