Friday, March 03, 2006

review of T.J. McNamara

FOR MORE THAN FOUR HUNDRED YEARS T.J. has been swinging his cane, smoking his pipe and tipping his pith helmet in the direction of the art establishment, using his sway at the Herald to express his opinion of the state of art in Auckland. You can see him at Gow Langsford, chardonnay in one hand, the leash of his homunculus photographer in the other. He calls himself a Journalist. At IS IT ART we understand that art itself is subjective, while journalism must be objective (A common mis-understanding at the HERALD). Just listen to this poorly constructed sentence, by a man who, quite obviously was 'high-as-a-kite' on chamomile tea when he wrote it:

"Right next to Albert Park we can hook into the painterly energy of Picasso and the vivid colour that the Fauves such as Derain and Vlaminck found and expressed in the port of Collioure in southwest France at the beginning of the freedoms of 20th-century art."

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