Sunday, April 02, 2006

Unknown trade me winner

I tried to symbolize that as a people we are hugely dependant on technology, technology that in the future will be deemed archaic, and what is known to us now as the new age, will become tomorrows relics of a past attempt to better our way of life.

Not only is it a bad painting, but an idiotic sentiment as well. The point would be better put across with a cave painting in France that had to be dated with carbon testing. A word to the unknown artist-get a job in the IT industry, you're taking up space here. Or go and pull a hoe across dusty barren unyeiliding soil and do a painting about that. The very fact that it is being sold over the soon to be antiquated internet raises our eyebrows in dubiousness at the integrity of the piece. He/she asked for some comments as a first time 'exhibitor' and this is what they got:

Well done Ross! Welcome to the world of art!! Cheers, Sher
It is great to see an innovative and fresh artwork on here !! Love it.....a serious theme but you have also retained an element of playfulness.... an adventure on canvas !! Smiles - Paulette
WOW!!! Awesome piece. If I win the auction is pick up ok, thanks.

Ugh, all these kudo's are making our heads spin. We'd like to make it known that IS IT ART has a policy of not commenting directly to the trademe artists, so as not to lower ourselves. If they want to read our review, they can come here and see. This 'awesome piece' is currently going for $1.50, less than the price of the gas it would take to go and pick it up. Similarly, you could buy a tube of blue paint, a tube of black paint, and a tube of red paint. That'd set you back $15 at least. Then there's the canvas, thats another $10. You could buy some blank CD's for three bucks from Dick Smith if they were on special. In fact, you could make this yourself for less than $40. But why go do a silly thing like that when you could just buy it on the internet for $2?

Go on.

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Anonymous lx said...

I've brought better art from the Salvation Army family store.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Jagd Kunst said...

I've found better art when I've looked into the 'artbowl' after I've taken a crap. The sallies don't go in for that conceptual art in any case, they like prints and landscapes by dead old ladies that their grandchildren hated when they inherited their estates.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous lx said...

That is most accurate. The one I purchased the other day was in fact a landscape. The most attractive feature is that the artist (one R. Fisher) decided to paint the landscape entirely in black and white. Either he wanted to create the idea of a night time setting, or he was a poor barsted whom could only afford two tubes of paint.

5:36 PM  

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