Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Art, politics, justice system

Tough-love doesn't work. Liam Ashley was murdered for stealing his parents car, in the back of a hermetically sealed security van on his way to prison. He was seventeen.

But really, who cares? Last night tv3 interviewed the idiotic family of this idiotic child who met an idiotic death in an ever increasing idiotic world.

IS IT ART is always on the lookout for bad art, and luckily we managed to spot one, that famous image in the background, re-rendered by some of Liams homies in spray-paint. Baseball cap, pathetic weaselly moustache, don't you think they could have come up with a less loaded image than the one that's been bandied about the media as a symbol for judicial incompetence? This is not a reminder to the parents of the son that they lost, it's more symbolic of how many times this family got on the telly and in the paper because of about 5 bad judgement calls.

Not just sick but stupid too.

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