Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sleep, Eat food, Have visions

There a five artists in this group show at Room103, but only four distinct styles of art, one style looked as though somebody had been into Seungs' studio and swept up all his leftover fibre-glass, then re-glued it all together and called it their own. So what happened to the extra artist? There's the guy with the art supplies, check. There's the perspex table with naturally aged office chair, check. There's the laquered drawings on the wall, check. There's the aforementioned Seung leftovers. Check. Where did the other one go?

Were we not struggling with alcoholism we would have gone to the opening last night, and our questions would have been pre-answered. But today there were no signs saying who did what or why. There was however some artyfarty fruity photocopy text on the door of the gallery, which said a whole lot of esoteric stuff about the artists' art.

Was the show good? We hear you ask.

Dunno, is our final answer.

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