Tuesday, April 25, 2006

petr blk

Aah, yes IS IT ART remembers that mourning well when our offices were located in Grafton and we were awoken early one saturday to the sound of a howling lapdog. The lapdog was trapped inside the Jag with the windows wound almost up, save for the space of your fingertips. The lapdog, desperate for a puff of air in the musty sun rising from the east would dash about, as in in suffocation. However, everytime it moved the car alarm would sound off, causing us to rouse in the glorious sun. Hungoverheadaches in hand we stormed to the jaguar. The poor pooch was steaming up the windows setting off the alarm and generally having an unfortunate time in the fully uphostered mobile of sauna. It was then that we realised it was the Sir Peter Blake memorial in the domain. The owners of this jag and dog must have parked in early to get a good seat for the proceedings. What was the big deal with Blake? He bought in a lot of commerce to this country that left as soon as it had come (Actually, most of the money circulated was internal).

"Aah!" we exclaimed when we realised.

"This dog has been left to suffocate as sacrifice because P.Blake was killed by pirates!"

Of course it made perfect sense. So we called the SPCA, who wanted nothing to do with scratching a jag in order to save a poor wee pup, instead carefully laying a blanket across the westside of the car (keeping in mind of course, the fact that it was about 9am and the sun still rises in the east). After SPCA sadsack had gone for her morning coffee, we decided to take matters into our own hands. The window got smashed, the dog was set free and later rundown by a motorcycle gang on highway one. Everyone was happy and we went to sleep with beer in our hands and dreams simultaneously.


This sculpture 'Visionary' is available here right now. It towers at a massive 44cm, much bigger than your stupid snowglobe!! It is limited edition!!! 7 of 50!! By famous and notoriously competant sculptor Michael Weir!!! Celebrate the life of the man who was responsible for the death of a little dog!!! Celebrate the man who bought yachting mania to this little country!!! Buy it now to plug that hole where the shotgun blasts are springing water from your mantlepeice!!

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Blogger fatmammycat said...

Odd, why do I hear the music from Highway to Heaven when I look at that? Do I want to hear that? My left hand would say no, my right is buzy trying to poke my eyes out. Not becasue of the statue mind, simply my right hand is a bit of bollocks on wednesdays.

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