Friday, April 21, 2006

Maritns' show

Well Martin asked us to review his show.

That was like asking us to review his shadow. We went to the bar he was not at. (The musketroom) and plyed our unemployed bad ass selves with booze until we found another show to go to at Starkwhite, where the booze nearly ran out had we not been such close friends to the beerwench, who, it came as a suprise only had wine.

The StarkWhite show looked as though Max Giblets had finally found a ruler and decided to be a painting and yet was not famous enough to be all humble and false bhudda-shit like. The rooms upstairs were like the hangover you get after you sleep with a whore, but with more plastic than miss matreidie, with a nice place to lie down after you'd been displaced (Displayed?)

Martins' sculpture is in the window of Ms Crabb on paunce-on-a-zombie road.

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