Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We went on an office outing today. we all hopped in the bus and took ourselves to art.com to see what we could find. We found it worse than trademe, even. People were claiming such outrageous things as art- like this.

That is advertising!!!!!! The guy that did it may well be an artist of sorts, but that is blatantly advertising!! Somebody's got to set out some black and white rules!!!



Well, okay admittedly we came across that in the beer aisle, so we wandered along for a while, shouting about what was art and what was advertising and then we saw an item for $55US.
"No way. I think we should get out of this aisle. maybe there's a coffee house around here somewhere."
"Hold on, I want to study this thing closer."
"Naw...quit foolin' around. I see some fruit over there."
"Let's just get the hell out of here altogether, I'm bored and cold."
"Good idea, everybody back on the bus!"

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