Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Ooh nasty. It's tough to be alive, isn't it? That's why we went and plied ourselves with blood red wine at artstation where some exclusively select Gothic artists were exhibiting. It was just what you would expect from goths.(By the way, they don't like to be identified as goths, OR artists, but they'll happily exhibit with other artists who are goths.)
In the serious art dept. this lady plied herself with art, her class was learning how to apply a protective coating so that your acrilic rendition would last forever.
It looks like a skull, but ti's a baby in a pram. Really.

This guy had hands like the penguin from Batman2, and eyes like Patrick Bateman.

Actually, the interesting part of this show was the platter that was served. Cheese and pig. After one hour the cheese began to sweat, and after 2 hours all the cheese the people had eaten began to ooze from their pores, and a morbid sense of death hung in the air. Upon three most hours the stench of morbid death hung itself down the stairs like a funeral curtain and we could smell it outside, the pungecy rising above that of our own death inducing cigarettes. One young man was to write his thesis on it. We proposed: Vinyl underpants + leather chaps=sweaty mix (or sweaty micks, depending on how subtle your sense of humour is.)

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