Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Great Rip-off Artist 004: Egon Sheile

Sheile was a student of Klimt from an early age and absorbed his style like a sponge. To combat the comparison, he didn't try to come up with his own style, he merely did away with the more romantic aspects of Klimt, like slickness and visual appeal. At some point he began to smear shit on his portraits of himself masturbating. Soon he began to pigment his shit and started doing landscapes with it, a whole town in brown, not unlike Van Gogh. At one point his school teacher, one Prof. Christian Griepenkerl told him "The devil must have crapped you into my class!"
After Klimt died in 1918, Sheile took over the mantle as the most important painter in Austria. He could have been a great great rip-off artist, had he not succumbed to the spanish flu, three days after his wife did.

Have a drink for Egon.

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I will and it shall be pink! Huzzah.

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Hm, I meant 'I shall and it will be pink.' So sorry, v tired this morning.

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