Thursday, May 04, 2006

Denny VS Austin

Simon Denny is a serious artist. He wears white pants and baseball jackets, and constructs things out of wood while people look on, keen for a glass of that chardonnay (gives you a hard-on, eh?)

Nick Austin is a male model. He wears grandma's glasses, has the smoothest skin and a natural glow. His art is flat and 3d at the same time.

Everyone crowded around the cramped cat-piss smelling room that is Michael Lett to watch Denny do his thing. It was like a big wood teepee with notes pinned to it. Then suddenly, when the 'performance' was over, everyone spilled out onto the street, and went up the road to starkwhite "a real art gallery" for some "proper" booze, and of course to see Nicks show.

Nick was standing in his room, talking to real artists about real art and what it's like to be an artist making art. The pictures/sculptures were on the walls not doing very much at all.

Starkers filled up, and no doubt the booze ran dry, but we got bored and left before we found out.

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