Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Hey, here's an idea- maybe the kids can save our sorry asses..."

Today, for no specific reason IS IT ART went to Kristin private school in Albany AK to see the exhibition by year six students (Who pay $1200 a term for the privelige of education). This years theme? POVERTY. Yes that dirty word made famous by such rich cunts as sir Bob Geldoff and U2 frontman Bongo. Poverty is now it seems, the new AIDS. The very word strikes fear into the heart of any upper middle class ten year old...This was the first to make an impression on us, walking around being followed by a train of young boys who weren't sure if we were real or not. It's of a little boy sweeping up rubbish see? He seems to be sweeping it into his house, but that's ok. If every little boy did that we could probably all retire.
OH THE DUALITY of it all. you can't see them, but I bet those who are with are in their skyscrapers schemeing away, puffing on big cigars just trying to think of ways for those without to live more miserable lives, possibly by making themselves feel really good at the same time...
Even ten year olds know George is a criminal... Somewhere here there is a picture of the space station (that's right folks, there's really one up there) Underneath is a plaque that reads 'America needs to forget about going into space until it has solved all the problems to do with poverty.' Possibly a bit optimistic, but oh well, in another 10-15 years the kid'll be as broken down by the world as any of us. And poor. And living on the moon. In a ghetto.
Keep hold of those sheets of rusted corrugated iron- they'll soon be the only thing between you and the toxic waste lapping at the shore. The shore that you (yes you, dear reader) fucked up in the firstplace. Cunt.
It was quite nice to see kids delving into the worlds miseries with such a positive outlook, and from such a positive and secure establishment. There was not a kid there that didn't have the face of an old person.

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