Tuesday, March 07, 2006



IS IT ART have been watching this one with an eagle eye, and have been resisting posting it for the last week, on the grounds that it is too disgusting and not nearly funny enough. Ooh, black. Ooh, gold. OoOh, red.

" Painted in high quality, thick acrylic paint, with a glossy varnish for added vibrance."

IS IT ART would post the 'detail' shot but it's not worth the effort, and only serves to dillute the image as seen from afar. Like very afar. Further than the eye can see. IS IT ART cannot tolerate watching this one any longer. It closes five hours from now. It had a one dollar reserve, and then some idiot bid a hundred dollars on it. Well, things kind of escalated. The current highest bid (birdsa, who was also the second bidder and really really wants it...) is $151 and IS IT ART think that at this stage of the game the winnings will go to birdsa (or, in our opinion, a loss.).
On the other hand, the sure-fire winner of the week in this dead-horse race is the beautiful rose, lovingly reffered to around the office as 'look at my clit' with 58 bids so far, and going at a steal for $61 at time of publishing.

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