Thursday, March 09, 2006

Todays TRADE winner

IS IT ART would like to congratulate KATE NEWBY firstly for using a pseudonym to sell her work on trademe, sans humiliation, and secondly on the fact that she's changed her medium, if not her message. Good on you, girl. For 28 bids, it went for $20.1c!

also, the emoticons in the text are a very friendly way of saying "Buy my art, Heathen".

"I've decided to start a Take Heart series, this is the first of a few I will paint. These are very Vibrant colours :)
There are three little hearts on the left hand side, these resemble my 3 little boys...and the big one that is textured represent my love for God and His great love for me.
Size is 600mm by 500mm or 60cm by 50cm
Signed and ready to hang!
Thanks for viewing this :) Hope you enjoy it as much as I have painting it!"

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