Tuesday, March 07, 2006

come YOU LITTLE so-and-so's

Sorry about the goddamn poor shot of this flier advertising Jill Sorensons new show at whitespace (For whites only. One coffee coloured man turned up, but he'd been assimilated long ago.) Excellent cheese, although they ran out of cracker very quickly, so we had to eat it with our hands. Piss-poor wine, which is unfortunate for a gallery that is trying to appear up-market. Oh, the art was okay. Couldn't quite work out what is was made of. Some kind of Bee's wax it was proposed. It all looked very nice, but it was all quite boring without any action shots. The flier (of which the above photo hails) sort of looked a lot better than the paintings. Some of the best pictures of 'art' we have seen yet. (mind you, we have been trawling trade-me quite alot lately.) The reverse side of the flier haboured a lot of psychobabble that explained away a lot of what was the artist's original intention. It seems this particular exhibit had developed from a sketchbook of Sorenson's that she only drew in with her left hand, in order to access her subconscious mind (assuming, of course she was right handed.) So if it's developed from the subconscious, why right a three page screed about it? A word to the wise: Throw a bucket of paint, and some gallery director will want you to make a concept out of it for his business.

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