Thursday, December 14, 2006

A very Artspace National Drawing Awards Xmas party...

These two were very obviously by the same person, some mythology obsessed maori. You can only vote once right? (Yea, right) So why not put in two drawings? This is called cheating.

Apologies for the poor quality of this photo, but the drawing was of a pretty poor quality anyway. We think it was done by one of ManukaRoses' cronies.
In our unhumble opinions, this was the finest piece on display. Paper smeared with soot, and then the soot was etched into. Unfortunately some people who view art don't know when to keep their fingers to themselves and they have fucked this one right up. We at IS IT ART know when to touch a painting, it is when you are at the Jensen gallery and the painting is shitty and worth $50,000.

All in all, we got pissed and had an argument concerning whether or not photography and digital art should be allowed in the competition. As yet the issue is unresolved.

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Blogger Dave said...

Regarding the issue of what should be allowed into an art competition ... That issue will always be unresolved.

Also, thanks for your input into my blog!

2:01 PM  

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