Saturday, February 03, 2007


We thought the place had been infested with termites, this show was so fuckin' boring. Is there a less talented and drippy boring mormon than Denny the artist? We doubt it. This is his below, apparently. Everyone there wasn't afraid to say how dull and unexceptional the work was.

We took our mothers and 11 year old sisters. Mothers pointed to the stack of pillows and said it looked like somebody went to Farmers. But surely that's the point, we countered. "Give me a fuckin' break" She shrieked. The 11 year old sister summed it up best when she spread her hands wide and cried "WHERE IS THE ART?".
We'd like to know, 'cos someone must have it. Please deliver it to the gallery, asap.

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Blogger Brewski said...

Fucking right up your own arse. Never seen such awful 'ooh look at what I've done' shite ever. Laters fools.

8:27 PM  

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