Wednesday, March 22, 2006


28 year old Chilean artist Constanza Puente is another in a long line of people who believe that food is art, and then call themselves artists. Like Maurice Bennet, 'New Zealands most renowned artist', Puente has made some art out of toast. However, she has certainly stepped up the game a bit with her lifesize and flavoursome self portrait in Santiago.

A self-portrait done of bread supposes the integration of the qualities of this food to the resulting image, those that determine as well the manufacture and happening of the work. Tensionando the contact with the means that receive it, the horneado bread will jeopardize the action of third on the work, that will not only face a particular material, but that also to a support qualified like food. This process, will take to the picture to go into in the field of irregularities and fragility that sometimes it tried won, bringing of return the possibility of a prosaic finitud. Adopting the qualities of this food, the picture will be affected by the same process of transformation of its support, that, as well as "is born" after a careful manufacture, it is disturbed and it extinguished as spends the time. -the Artist.

'The video shows a battle conducted by the same author in whom this one eats the face of a chocolate bust, picture of
its mother.'

All quotes translated from spanish by Google.

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