Sunday, March 19, 2006

"When I got saved, God became my art agent,"

So it turns out that Thomas Kinkade, america's beloved 'painter of light' is actually a devil who eats babies, pisses in fountains and gropes middle aged women when under the influence. But don't we all? This list of allegations from former employees and business associates doesn't stop there either. Apparently he is a ruthless business man, who willfully drives gallery owners to ruin while reaping the riches. Just like any devout cristian would, he denies all charges despite the courts demanding he have to pay $860,000 for defrauding two gallery owners.

IS IT ART would like to show you his work here, but we are afraid of being sued by a man who made $50 million from prints of his work between '97 and '05.

Another allegation is that while drunk at a Seigfried and Roy show, Kinkade spotted Roys codpiece and couldn't shut up about it screaming "CODPIECE! CODPIECE! CODPIECE!" until his mother and wife calmed him down (probably with a shot of morphine by the sounds).

And when asked about an alleged groping:

"But you've got to remember, I'm the idol to these women who are there. They sell my work every day, you know. They're enamored with any attention I would give them. I don't know what kind of flirting they were trying to do with me. I don't recall what was going on that night."

Just like a good christian.

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