Tuesday, March 14, 2006


'NEITHER' may have crossed the minds of the various international chefs that turned up to the World Association of Cooks' Society Congress being held at Skycity this week. Greeting them was 150kg's of margarine, sculpted to look like a maori warrior issuing a traditional wero.
"Butter's better, but margarine lasts longer"
Says sculptor Tim Aspinall of his work. Well marge may last, but it's hardly culinary is it? We're sure that Peter gordon would have at least been slightly bemused at this, and who can tell what Martin Yan of Yan can cook would have thought. Aspinall is also responsible for those ghastly representations of bears fighting dolphins that so scared your grandmother when you went to valentines for a cheap buffet. IS IT ART thinks that he should perhaps team up with the likes of Maurice Bennet, the toast man. Then we'll really see some art happening. The most disturbing thing about this is that the margarine is rock hard and inedible, making it's existence utterly pointless.

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