Monday, March 13, 2006

the (YAWN) trade winner of the day


hi can you please tell me about how much to freight to christchurch city? posted by: caseybubs (9 ) 3:46 pm, Mon 6 Mar
Hi, it will be $28 to Christchurch, cheers, Debbie 4:25 pm, Mon 6 Mar
Hi What are the approx dimensions in cm's. Thanks posted by: rat1971 (29 ) 11:49 am, Wed 8 Mar
Hi, 46cm x 93cm, cheers, Debbie 4:19 pm, Wed 8 Mar
Hi Debbie, I was in the art section here the other night and I saw a beautiful painting of some grey flax which I was certain was yours. If it is, do you still have it? Cheers Shell posted by: jim199 (20 ) 1:10 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Hi there, My husband, Nigel had a brown Flax on the other night (sammylee of trademe), that might be what you are thinking of, otherwise I did have another green flax on last week with a white border. Both have sold, but we can probably come to some arrangement, and paint another for you either as a commission for you or with a buy now option. Cheers, Debbie 1:47 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Hi Debbie, yes, that's the one, all of your art (both of you) are so beautiful. I look forward to having some in my house :) Shell posted by: jim199 (20 ) 5:55 pm, Thu 9 Mar
Hi Shell, good luck with your bidding then! Cheers, Debbie 6:31 pm, Thu 9 Mar

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