Monday, March 13, 2006


"Well some people try to pick up girls
And get called assholes
This never happened to Pablo Picasso
He could walk down your street
And girls could not resist his stare and
So Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole"
'Pablo Picasso',by Johnathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

Well, it seems as though he has been in South Africa. Some people make predictions, and get called prophets, this never happened to J. Richman though. An exhibition of Pablo's work in Johannesburg this month has created controversy when a government official accused the 33 year dead art-star of plagarising an entire culture.

"Today, the truth is on display that Picasso would not have been the renowned artist creative genius he was if he did not steal and re-adapt the work of anonymous [african] artists."
Sandile Memela-spokesperson for the Dept. of communications.

What kind of an idiot lets a politician write about art? And what kind of self respecting artist
wouldn't seize the opportunity to make the art of savages known to the world, If he was so inspired? One correspondent likened it to the "black fascists" that vilified Paul Simon when he worked with Ladyship Black Mambazo to produce his album Gracelands.

"Le'art negre? Connais pas."
Pablo Picasso

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