Tuesday, March 14, 2006

MAXIMUM GIBLETS@gowlangsford

Do the Gow-Langford's ever have anybody else to show other than Max Giblets? The evidence would suggest otherwise. Has Giblets ever done more than one painting in his 60 year career? The evidence certainly suggests otherwise. Most of these paintings were absolute shit. Rehashes from his hey-day, and by the look of the dates he hasn't done any real work since 2001. We over heard him telling some 'asians' that his paintings were "...very zen. There's no bullshit about these works, y'know?" then he did an obligatory bow and backed away. There was one good one, though, [in the blurb about the book about his life, though is mis-spelt tho. how fucking zen.] and the only thing good about it was that it hurt your eyes to see it. at the John Leech gallery next door, the wine was not as good and the sight of all those patu's were giving us ideas about how Max Giblets' brains would look sprayed all over one of his paintings from a good whack from one of those. Giblets can do the same painting every day, but nothing issues pain like a good old patu.

'My silk palace' (yellow, obscured by woman): $38,000.
'Skywalker' (blue, unobscured by man): $38,000
'Knight' (blue and red, main work): $68,000

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Anonymous nervous_from_down_south_ish said...

fuck... and I'm going to be working for the sensei this thursday...

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Anonymous nadia dawn cole said...


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