Friday, March 17, 2006

a good art is hard to find

Finally, here's somebody who can not only make terriffic art, but also makes our job easier by providing terriffic analysis of his own work! Dr. Joseph McCrumble is a celebrity parasitologist in Scotland, the link to his blog is at the top of the list to the right. Listen:
Conflict of the Senses (2006)

"This painting was inspired by the efforts of a group of disabled dogs I witnessed being walked around Edinburgh city centre. They were variously affected, and it dawned on me that we are all in a similar situation at some point in our everyday lives. We must rely on our senses to tell us what is wrong, and how to correct the defect. But what if there is a conflict of interest in our senses and the solution becomess, blurred, equivocal? All hell breaks loose, and we have no clear direction to our lives. A cacophony of signals reverberate around our mind, cancelling here, amplifying there. We are left with nothing more than colourful splodges of cerebral confusion."

'Nuff said.

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Blogger Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Dear Jagd

Thank you ever so much for your generous review of my latest artwork. The peripatetic wanderings of my creative quadrant always lands me in a distal plane, and I look back wondering how I got there. Sometimes the answer is right in front of me, sometimes it lies underneath my aching feet (....comment continues for 20 pages).

10:38 PM  

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