Friday, March 24, 2006

Too much plying

Artspace was very confusing, was you supposed to read the books, was it you not touch the books? The CCTV would suggest otherwise. Every stinking body trapped in the well with no lassie? Cunts. Neerie was there a point. IS IT ART if you expose your personal library to the world? Neh. cunts.
The best part was when our roving reporter Face got yelled at for being too drunk and putting her booze down on one of the precious collection. The best part about that was that she'd volunteered to set up the show a few weeks back and then rung up everyday claiming she was sick (she was). It does seem to us that only women volunteer for work at artspace (apart from Shorty, but he never turned up either and neither is he strictly a male). IS IT ART has deduced that artspace must be a sexist operation, where they get the men to do heavy lifting and hammering of stuff, while the women folk are simply put there to look good and serve.

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