Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Elam shitshow

Well it is the end of the line for all those young art-school girls (oh yeah, boys go there too) so we went to check on them to see if there was any outstanding work. There wasn't. Nor was there any booze.

There may have been some worthwhile stuff, but we bypassed the ground floor and the second floor and just stuck to the first floor until the place filled up. As closet-claustrophobes the nerves began to rail us and we hurried to leave and find some chinese soup. Freaking out and struggling to get out past the crowd and into the line of the people who felt the same- we craned our necks to see what was coming in the other direction holding us up, and surprise surprise, it was an old comatose woman of about 80+ years in a wheel chair.

We liked Sophie Watsons' film about an ocean voyage, but as she is a friend of ours it doesn't count. But next to her video setup was some kind of sandy concrete castle 'art'. On the wall was a photograph of a large (superimposed) half submerged concrete building on a beach. Now the new wave of art school kids are ripping off John Radford. We cannot recall the name of the artist, but we are pretty sure it was by a young lady named Helen Stein.